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Geothermal Solutions for Palo Pinto, TX

For households that want to heat or cool their house by primarily utilizing the earth’s renewable energy.


Geothermal - The New Standard
for Cooling in Palo Pinto, TX

With temperatures soaring to 115°F in North Texas, many homeowners in Palo Pinto are concerned about their upcoming electric bills. In Texas, air conditioning can account for up to 85% of the summer electric bill. While no technology can change the weather, people are seeking ways to reduce their A/C costs. Suggestions to raise the thermostat to 78-80°F are common, but for many, a warm house is not acceptable from their air conditioning system.

To combat the summer heat, builders and homeowners are focusing on smarter home designs. This includes constructing tighter homes and minimizing large windows with direct afternoon sun exposure. However, the most significant impact on your monthly electric bill comes from your heating and cooling system. Choosing the right equipment is crucial. While many Americans are familiar with solar and wind energy, fewer understand geothermal heat pumps, or “ground source heat pumps.” Geothermal systems can reduce cooling and heating bills by 70%-90% compared to traditional systems. Despite higher initial costs, the payback period is typically less than six years.

Unlike traditional air-source systems, which are highly sensitive to outdoor temperatures, geothermal systems rely on the constant temperature of the ground for efficiency. In North Texas, the ground maintains a steady temperature of around 68°F year-round. Geothermal heat pump technology leverages this constant temperature to cool homes in the summer and heat them in the winter, leading to significant energy savings.

Geothermal heat pumps can also provide hot water and heat pools at a fraction of the cost of traditional gas heaters. The concept of using the ground for temperature regulation is ancient, dating back to cavemen and utilized by winemakers to maintain constant temperatures. Since the 1940s, engineers have recognized the benefits of geothermal technology for modern homes.

Today, many schools, and federal and state buildings use geothermal systems to reduce energy costs. The advantages of geothermal systems for cooling and heating homes are substantial. In an era where resource conservation is vital, geothermal heat pumps offer a sustainable, efficient, and safe solution for homeowners to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Cooling Solutions for Palo Pinto, TX

With rising electricity and petroleum prices, America is re-evaluating its energy consumption. Homeowners in Palo Pinto are seeking alternatives to reduce or even eliminate their dependence on utility companies. New technologies are making this more feasible than ever. Simple, cost-effective steps can significantly increase your home’s efficiency, potentially lowering your utility bills by hundreds of dollars a month, if not eliminating them altogether.

One of the primary areas to consider when going green is how we heat and cool our homes, as this typically represents the largest utility expense. Builders often provide air conditioners that meet the minimum efficiency requirements, measured in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). As of 2023, the minimum SEER requirement is 16. However, older homes might have systems with a SEER as low as 6.

Geothermal systems, on the other hand, start at a SEER of 54 and can go even higher. This substantial increase in efficiency can save homeowners thousands of dollars annually in energy costs while delivering superior comfort. With a geothermal system, there’s no more struggling to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


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